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Huggable Teddy Bear Free Knitting Pattern

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The Cutest Little Huggable Teddy Bear

Oh my, I love knitting little animals, soft, cuddly, furry, huggable children’s animals. And this particular free knitting pattern is for a teddy bear. In fact, two Teddy Bears. Very cute, They are considered to be twin bears, one is a little smaller than the other, but they are so precious.

It’s a unique idea, having identical twin bears and the only difference being one is a bit smaller than the other and of course, whatever yarn you choose for your bears. Exactly the same, or a whole lot different. It is your choice.

Knitting children’s soft huggable teddy bears is not only great fun, but what a great gift for a new mom or maybe your little niece or nephew or your own new little baby coming soon. It is just too great. Enjoy this Free knitting pattern for the cutest huggable Teddy Bear.

Huggable Teddy Bear, Free knitting pattern

Here you go, Enjoy!

Cast on 10 stitches
P 1 row.
K twice into every st = 20sts
K 5, k twice into next st, K 8.
K twice into next st, K 5 = 22 sts
Continue in St-St and work 9 rows.

K2 together to the end.
Cast off P wise.

Legs (make 2)
Cast on 8 sts.
P 1 row/
K into ever stitch = 16sts
Begin with P row and st-st 3 rows.

Be sure to go over to to get the rest of this very cute teddy bear pattern

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Crafters love to share...Tweet about this on TwitterShare on FacebookPin on PinterestShare on Google+

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