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Learn to Darn Socks, Why not?

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Do you know what I mean when I say darn socks? Sometimes it is the little things in knitting that can be so important. That can make your knitting skills stand out. That makes you the go to expert on everything. Seriously, everyone that knits knows how to knit and purl. Maybe even cable and increase or decrease. But how many times have you heard anyone, other than a grandmother who really knew her knitting stuff, talk about the last time they darned a pair of socks.

darn socks Learn to Darn Socks, Why not?

Darn Socks

Darn socks! Are you kidding? I know what I used to do with my socks with holes in them. I chucked them. Really, why bother. Well I’ll tell you. When you put the time and energy and love into knitting a pair of socks with the softest and most gorgeous color ever. That handmade pair of socks that perfectly match that outfit you love wearing. But you notice they have a hole in them. YIKES! No despair necessary.

You see when you bother to make your own socks or even for someone else, you are going to enjoy fixing them as well.
It is actually fun to darn socks. This article explains a really easy method that makes it quick and easy and a lasting repair. All the essentials, right?!

First assess the hole in your garment and envision it squared off. Using a tapestry needle with a sharp point, sew a rectangle or square around the hole. Be sure to pierce at least one half of each stitch that borders the hole. Piercing the yarns will ensure that no further unraveling occurs. If you create your rectangle far enough away from the edge of the hole, you can safely go under each half stitch with your needle, rather than pierce it. Still, I recommend piercing the yarns. A good foundation row will reinforce the edge stitches, giving a solid base to the darning, and make the repair last longer. For a very solid base, work two foundation rows 1⁄8″ apart all the way around the hole. This is especially good for fine gauge knitting.

read the rest of the “Darn-There’s a hole in my sock!” article here

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