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Huggable Teddy Bear Free Knitting Pattern

Free Knitting Huggable Teddy Bear Pattern

Huggable Teddy Bear Free Knitting Pattern Oh my, I love knitting little animals, soft, cuddly, furry, huggable children’s animals. And especially this particular Huggable Teddy Bear Free Knitting Pattern. In fact, two Teddy Bears. Very cute, They are considered to be twin bears, one is a little smaller than the other, but they are so […]

Easy Cable Soap Cozy-A Great Way To Start

easy cable soap cozy

An Easy Cable Soap Cozy Great Place to Start With Cables Knitting cables can be intimidating, especially if you have never tried it before. Starting with a small project like this easy cable soap cozy first gives you the opportunity to try cables on a very limited project. So if you have to start over it is […]

How to Weave In Lose Crochet Ends and Video

crochet techniques

How to Weave in Lose Crochet Ends What Do You Do With The Ends? Why do you need to know how to weave in lose crochet ends? You’re crocheting your next masterpiece and you are almost done and you notice there are a lot of lose ends hanging out all over. Every time you change […]

Fiber Pilling And How to Repair the Fiber Damage


Fiber Pilling? What’s that?   Fiber Pilling? This is a question that we often hear. It is very difficult when you have put so much of yourself into knitting that gorgeous sweater and after one normal wearing it is covered in little bumps! What are these? How did they get there? WHY!? Well lets talk […]

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